The Construction

The construction of the SolarSack is based on years of research to optimize its effectiveness, durability and ease of use.

The construction of the SolarSack is developed and designed to use SODIS technology optimally. Optimally meaning trying to put together the principles of:

  1. speed of effectively killing bacteria
  2. durability
  3. affordability
  4. ease of use
  5. recyclability

The choice and composition of the plastic is chosen to combine strength, high UV penetration, and a long life span. The dark blue color on the backside of the product increases the temperature to 45+ degrees. It does this faster than with a light background, decreasing the time the product needs to be in the sun to decontaminate the water. The SolarSack is furthermore designed with two weldings in the middle, which makes sure the plastic does not bulge. This means that the water depth is lower, allowing the sun to reach through the water to the bottom of the sack, accelerating the purification process.

The SolarSack can be refilled 500 times and thus provides a total of 2000 liters of water.