The Science

The Solar Water Disinfection Technology (SODIS) is known to efficiently kill dangerous pathogens found in water and has been recognized as a safe way to treat drinking water at the household level.

SolarSack is based on 25-year-old SODIS technology. This method is endorsed by the World Health Organization and a range of other organizations as a safe way to purify water. The SODIS method kills germs, such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites. 

It works by harnessing UVA and UVB rays as well as heat from the sun, combined these kill more than 99,99 % of the dangerous pathogens in water. 

Specifically, the UVA forms reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the water, which play a critical role in inactivating the microorganisms. UVB directly damages the organisms' DNA and RNA. The heat initiates heat pasteurization that works with the UV processes to accelerate the disinfection process. The time in which the treatment is effective differs depending on the container used. Using a typical plastic bottle from, i.e., a Coke takes significantly longer compared to using the SolarSack.

Many scientific studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the SODIS method, and it has been shown to improve the health of populations.