Danish and Ugandan authorities have tested the purification efficiency of the SolarSack

Test results show that the SolarSack kills 99,9% of bacteria after just 1 hour in sunlight and 99,999 % of bacteria in 4 hours. SolarSack is, however, recommending 4 hours of exposure time taking into account partly cloudy weather and turbid water. 

DTU Environment have conducted tests on lab grown E. Coli with UV lamps showing 99.99% reduction in 30 min and 99.999% reduction in 1 hour.

Danish Hydro Institute have conducted tests in Uganda on natural water, hereunder multiple tests using spiked wastewater and lab grown E.coli. showing 99.99% reduction in 1.5 hours and 99.999% in 4 hours on both E.coli and TPC.

Kyambogo University have conducted multiple tests on natural water, all showing complete removal of E.coli after 4 hours of sun.

Makerere University in Uganda have tested a wide range of local water sources for SolarSack’s ability to kill harmful organisms. The results show 99.9% removal of E.coli after just 1.5 hours.