The Uniqueness of SolarSack

The SolarSack is developed with the user's need in mind and works as a household's private water tap. Its incredibly low price point makes it available for a greater segment of users compared to existing alternatives.

The SolarSack’s innovation lies partly in its human-centered product design process - a bottom-up user-centered approach - that ensures the product stays relevant for those who need it the most. This is done very cost-effectively, making the product available for the end-user and thus for a greater user segment than similar products. 

The material is lightweight, making the SolarSacks easy to transport. Yet, the product still feels robust and durable for the user. 

The SolarSack is an all-in-one-solution with a tap, handle, dispenser, a feature to hang it up with, and a manual for use. It has been designed with a thorough consideration of household water use in developing countries. It works as a household’s water tap avoiding the risk of unsafe storage. It is easy to use by simply following the instructions on the back of the SolarSack. 

The solution is economically sustainable in itself, creating jobs in distribution and welfare on top of the apparent health and environmental qualities of making safe water without fossil fuels.