Clean water should not be a luxury

We work with our partners to expand our impact and get us closer to those who need us the most. Our solution directly increases  positive community impact and decreases our negative environmental impact. 

Commercial Partners | NGOs | Sponsors

Supporting local economies

We supply local commercial businesses outlets who resell SolarSacks and create wealth in their local community. We are an international mission driven business with an international business mindset.


Experienced implementation team

Easy to distribute

Hard to reach communities

We partner with NGOs to reach communities that lack access to a safe source for drinking water.

Commercial Partners | NGOs | Sponsors

Every year preventable water-borne diseases kill thousands.

We add value to our partners by fostering unique opportunities for corporate engagement and communication. The projects we build have a positive impact on the world, but also on our partners. By partnering with like-minded organizations, we benefit from synergies and economies of scale and increase the number of lives we transform.

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Putting SolarSack to the test, why it matters

My name is Charlotte Frydenlund Michelsen, and I’m the Senior Science Manager at SolarSack. … SolarSack can produce safe drinking water, showing over a 99.999% reduction of E. coli. Going forward we will be testing with turbidity levels of over 100 NTU

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CSR partnership

SolarSack Our story

Going forward SolarSack is beginning a new chapter with a focus on CSR programmes, as another way to get SolarSack into the hands of our users.

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SolarSack has now Rebranded to
4Life Solutions