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Experienced implementation team

Easy to distribute


At SolarSack ApS, we define a “Reseller” as a company or an individual merchant that purchases SolarSacks intending to sell them to the end-customer, usually at a profit. The reseller gets 10% of net price for all orders. This price is predetermined by SolarSack and is paid once the client purchases the home water purification system.


At SolarSack ApS, we define a “Distributor” as an intermediary person or a legal entity in the supply chain that takes an active role in selling SolarSack locally. The distributor buys SolarSack in their own name at a predetermined unit price and resells the home water purifying system at a price chosen by them.

We commit to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact initiative. 

We have written a Commitment Charter that reflects the actionable “Values” that we will follow in order to achieve our mission. 

You can review it here.

Mathilde Thorup

Project Manager from SolarSack

Maj Forum

Programme Coordinator from Caritas

David Katende

Project Coordinator from CIDI

SolarSack has now Rebranded to
4Life Solutions